Peachie Speechie R Sound Videos

Video Worksheets

Enhance your video viewing experience and keep your little ones occupied with our thoughtfully designed worksheets. These are specially created to accompany our sounds in isolation videos, including the R Sound.

Simply provide your student with a copy of the worksheet, a pencil, and some crayons before playing the video. They can then participate in the engaging activities on the worksheet as you play the video for them.

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Enjoy these videos for articulation, fluency and language skills. Share these videos with SLPs, teachers, students, and parents! This page contains articulation videos. If you'd prefer just R Sound videos, click here. We also have a collection of Fluency (Stuttering) Videos here and Language Skills Videos here.

This free speech therapy video collection from Peachie Speechie is designed to help individuals learn the R Sound and improve their articulation. The videos feature expert speech therapist, Meredith Avren, demonstrating proper techniques for forming and pronouncing the R Sound, with clear explanations and unique visual aids to assist with understanding. The videos include exercises and drills to learn & practice the R Sound, as well as tips and strategies. The videos are suitable for people of all ages. Thank you for watching and learning with us. We're celebrating over 7,000,000 free video views!

You'll find helpful downloadable products mentioned by each video. Professionally illustrated and loaded with a varying levels of fun activities, they will be your go-to resources for teaching and practicing articulation skills! You can find more great materials here.