Sound-by-Sound®: Cards for Practicing the R Sound

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This is a one-of-a-kind resource you will love! 90 cards to help with the R sound! These cards are designed to help students working on the production of the R sound at the word level. Each card features the target word, accompanying picture, and mouth images to illustrate how to say each sound in the word. Like the title says, these cards take you sound-by-sound through the word. Your students can work carefully through the cards as they focus on motor movements and placement of articulators.

Cards are included for prevocalic /r/, r-blends, and vocalic R (divided by context: ER, AR, IRE, EAR, AIR, and OR). The images feature exaggerated mouth illustrations for bunched R. Pairing these cards with verbal prompts to “make your tongue tight” or “keep your tongue high” may also be helpful.

A data sheet is also included for progress monitoring, which makes these cards even more awesome.

If you need MORE help with the R sound, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Check out our step-by-step workbook, I Can Say the R Sound. This workbook takes you from eliciting that first R through production in syllables, words, phrases, sentences, and oral reading. Packed with elicitation techniques and many practice opportunities, it is a must-have for every speech-language pathologist.

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Sound by sound r

Great visuals for some of my kids

Renee W.

Sound-by-Sound®: Cards for Practicing the R Sound

Jada N.

So helpful

April L.
Sound by Sound Cards for Practicing the /r/ sound

I love the visual and breaking down the word step by step for the kids really seems to help them sequence the motor movements.

Alyssa B.
Practicing R Sound

These cards were extremely helpful! I am currently in my first year in the profession and have zero materials. I often find myself searching the internet for words to send home for practice. These are great and can be used for several different kiddos on my caseload.

Kim B.
Sound by Sound

You have wonderful resources! Thank you.