Sound-by-Sound®: Simple Syllable Shapes for Apraxia

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An amazing one of a kind resource! 120 cards to help with combining consonants and vowels to make simple words! Children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) can have difficulty moving from one sound to another in a word. This card deck was designed to help children with apraxia or severe speech sound disorders combine sounds into words. These mouth illustrations provide visual reminders for motor movements. I have my students slide their finger across the line in the middle of the card as they practice to encourage a more natural production (instead of segmenting the sounds).  

You'll also love our amazing Sound-by-Sound® Cards for Practicing the R Sound!

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Customer Reviews

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Deborah S.

My granddaughter started speech therapy in March with the school system. In no time school ended with no instruction for summer! It Helped me identify the problem areas to help my granddaughter during summer. We love the videos and Goose!

Bethany J.
Amazing, Unique Resource for Apraxia!

I absolutely love Sound-by-Sound®: Simple Syllable Shapes for Apraxia! There is nothing like this resource on the market from any major speech supplier, and it is invaluable. It has assisted me tremendously with working with students with CAS and other severe speech sound disorders.

Sally M.
Sound-by-Sound®: Simple Syllable Shapes for Apraxia.

I have only used the CV section, but it seems to be working well with my student. Looking forward to getting to CVC section.
Sally M.

Nancy P.
Great for kids with combination speech and reading challenges

I am thrilled to find these for use with a couple of students with whom I'm using Lindamood Bell LIPs and/or LETRS programs for help in decoding. Wish more like this available!

Rebecca N.
Sound by Sound Simple Syllable

I love these cards. I use them almost everyday with at least one group. When I bound my set I separated into three sets, CV, CVC, and CVCV. That way depending on the group level I can use the correct portion. And if I have a group of two I can have one student practice one level and I can work with the other student with another level. I also purchased another set to use as a Secret Santa gift at out SLP Christmas party. It was a big hit!

Margarett T.
Great Apraxia Resource

I have a client with apraxia who deletes final consonants and this has been an amazing resource. If you make decks like this for more sounds I will buy them all! I Have the R deck and this one.