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When your coworkers ask you about these crazy things you’ve done, that is your opportunity to teach them about what you do!
SLPs often ask me to recommend materials for teaching the R sound. So here is a helpful list...
Dwight is right. The R sound can be menacing! But trust me, you can learn to love the challenge of treating R errors as much as I do! In this blog post, I’m going to share my general outline for R therapy and some of the resources you can use to make it a successful experience.
A lateral S (also called a lateral lisp) is easily recognized due to the slushy, wet sound. Let’s start by looking at what happens in the mouth when you produce an accurate S sound and compare that to what happens when you produce a lateral S. Then I'll share my favorite methods for success!
If you haven’t tried speech motor chaining with your R students, I highly recommend you keep reading! Chaining is a treatment approach during which you build on pre-trained sounds, gradually increasing the complexity of speech movements...
The holiday season is here and SLPs everywhere are just trying to make it to Christmas break. Let me save you a little planning time with these festive downloadable activities.

October is here and I’ve got a list of festive activities for your speech therapy sessions! I hope you like these suggestions for a festive, spooky October in speech therapy! 

Here’s a tip for making your speech therapy sessions extra fun: use a magnifying glass!
When I teach the CH sound, I call it a “burst of air”. It can be difficult for students to visualize this, and that’s where the water bottle comes in. I explain...
Hey SLPs! Here’s a little trick for eliciting the R sound. All you need is a tongue depressor!