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  • Bunched R vs. Retroflex R: Which one should I teach?

    The /r/ sound has a reputation among SLPs for being hard to teach. One reason for this is it can be produced with two different tongue positions: bunched or retroflex. Even within these two tongue shapes...
  • Don't Say R! Reframing in Speech Therapy

    The R sound can be challenging and cause frustration. One way to approach the sound is by calling it something else completely. Don’t say R! This approach reframes the activity. Instead of that dreaded R, they...
  • Play Dough Tongues for Teaching the R Sound

    One of the reasons the R sound is tricky is because it is hard to see what your tongue is doing in your mouth when you produce it. If a child can see the tongue shape and feel it with their hands, it can help them understand what I’m telling them to do with their own tongue...
  • Gift Guide For Speech Therapists

    If you’re shopping for a speech-language pathologist (SLP), you’ve come to the right place. I’m an SLP with over a decade of experience and I’ve got a list of 10 amazing gifts for the special speech therapist in your life.
  • How to Correct a Lateral S

    A lateral S (also called a lateral lisp) is easily recognized due to the slushy, wet sound. Let’s start by looking at what happens in the mouth when you produce an accurate S sound and compare that to what happens when you produce a lateral S. Then I'll share my favorite methods for success!
  • Mouth Models for Speech Therapy

    If you do articulation therapy, you need a mouth model! I have been an SLP for over a decade and I’ve been collecting mouth models since day one. So which models are the best? How can you effectively use them in therapy? I’m here to share my collection and recommendations with you! I’ve got links to all the models I’ve purchased, so you can just click on the images below to buy your own!

  • How to Teach the R Sound

    Dwight is right. The R sound can be menacing! But trust me, you can learn to love the challenge of treating R errors as much as I do! In this blog post, I’m going to share my general outline for R therapy and some of the resources you can use to make it a successful experience.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the School-Based SLP

    Looks like things are going to be a little different this fall. Fortunately, I’m prepared. Well, as prepared as I can be during a pandemic when the data and news stories change daily. I went on an online shopping spree in search of the best PPE for school-based SLPs and I’m here to report my findings!
  • How To EASILY Separate Pages of a PDF

    Luckily, it's easy & free to separate only the pages you need from a PDF. This simple post will show how...
  • Tongue TENSION for the R Sound

    I’m always telling my students to pull their tongue back, bunch it up, and make it tight. But what if they don’t quite understand that tension piece? Here are some ways to teach it that have worked for me over the years.

  • Therapy Dogs

    All about Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). And cute photos of Goose as a puppy!
  • 5 Silly Ways School-Based SLPs Can Celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month

    When your coworkers ask you about these crazy things you’ve done, that is your opportunity to teach them about what you do!