Chaining for the R Sound

Chaining for the R Sound

If you haven’t tried speech motor chaining with your R students, I highly recommend you keep reading! 

Chaining is a treatment approach during which you build on pre-trained sounds, gradually increasing the complexity of speech movements. For example, your students would say: 

ray → raise → raisin → raisin cookies→ Mom is baking raisin cookies.

The targets in this example are “chained”, building on the base utterance, “ray”. The complexity of the speech movements and length of utterance increases as you move through the chain. 

Chaining for the R Sound

Speech motor chaining takes the principles of motor learning into consideration and has resulted in successful acquisition of target speech patterns and generalization to untrained words (Preston, Leece & Storto, 2019).

If you want to read more, here's an article: Speech Motor Chaining Treatment for School-Age Children With Speech Sound Disorders

You know that I like to have eye-catching materials for these things, so I wrote a workbook that has over 300 chains for the R sound! This makes it easy to structure your sessions! Each chain follows this pattern:

syllable → monosyllabic word → multisyllabic word → phrase → sentence

You’ll want your student to find success at one level for 5-6 trials before moving on to the next utterance in the chain.

To see a video preview of this workbook, click here

You can download the R Sound Chaining workbook here. And if you need more ideas for treating that tricky R sound, check out my free video library and my list of additional materials for success in your speech room! 


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