Speech Sound Handbook by Peachie Speechie

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This comprehensive guide is packed with effective and engaging exercises for teaching articulation, making it the perfect tool for any therapist looking to take their clients' speech to the next level. With clear explanations, detailed diagrams, and helpful examples, this handbook will become a staple in your therapy sessions. Whether you're working with children or adults, this handbook has everything you need to help your clients achieve clear and accurate speech. 

This Speech Sound Handbook was created to provide pediatric speech-language pathologists with clear visuals, convenient word lists, and simple elicitation tips to use with students during speech therapy sessions. 

You can print and bind this handbook like in the photo. However, this is a digital download (pdf ebook) product that will not be shipped. Aside from being eco-friendly, there are great advantages, such as printing multiple copies, printing only specific pages you need, and having access to updates.

Included for each sound (consonants and vowels): 

  • Detailed professional mouth illustrations 
  • Written instructions on how to produce the sound 
  • Word lists for every consonant and vowel (all word positions) 
  • List of elicitation tips for each sound 

Additional resources included

  • Place Manner Voice Chart 
  • Sound Development Chart 
  • Vowel Quadrilateral 
  • Sound Stimulability Checklist
  • Visuals for teaching speech anatomy 
  • List of recommended articulation therapy tools  

This quick reference guide was designed to be a valuable tool for SLPs, SLPAs, and graduate student clinicians. We hope the bright, colorful visuals and therapy tips increase your confidence when eliciting sounds. 

Total of 136 pages. 

The mouths and other illustrations in this book are original works of art. They are copyright registered and cannot be copied, reproduced, duplicated, or shared by any means. Please reach out with any questions to legal@peachiespeechie.com

Customer Reviews

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A great resource

This book is great for my students! It has wonderful visuals, great elicitation techniques, and links to great videos I can use in my sessions to teach the sounds.

5 stars y’all!

Love love love this guide! Much more helpful than anything I’ve come across. Peachie Soeechie is my go to for articulation videos and therapy materials. I transitioned from schools to pediatric home health and I STILL use all Peachie Speechie therapy materials and videos.

Great resource!

I love this book! The mouth pictures are great, and very engaging for my young clients. The teaching tips are also great to share with parents when they are doing home practice.

Game Changer

These materials are GAME CHANGERS in therapy! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Beautiful and Helpful Visuals!

I love this handbook! It helps me learn new ways to elicit sounds, especially as a baby SLP.
Furthermore, I love the beautiful visuals as well as QR codes to scan for helpful videos! :)

A great resource at your fingertips!

Love that everything is in one binder! Always reach for it for my session! Great resource!