Peachie Speechie Mini Mouth Models + Activities

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Mini Mouth Model Activities & Palatogram Visuals! Digital download free with any mini mouth model purchase. Already purchased? Click here to download.

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These colorful mini-mouth models are a useful addition to your speech therapy materials collection! I primarily use them to teach lateral margin elevation for the R sound. I mark the “tongue bracing spots” with play-doh as a visual!

Their small size makes them portable and they pair nicely with the Peachie Speechie R Sound workbook collection. These mouths are 1.75" x 1.5"

These mini mouths come with downloadable materials! Read about them below.


  • Speech anatomy instruction sheet
  • How to make a play dough tongue to go with your mini model
  • Palatogram visuals 
  • Activity sheets 


  • Step-by-step flowcharts for all lingua-palatal consonants 
  • Includes regular mouth visuals and palatogram visuals 


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    We will ship the mini mouths to you, but these printables are available immediately after purchase. Just download and print! Mouth models may ship separately from other items.

    Orange 12-Pack Pouches are included free with Mini Mouth 12-packs for a limited time, while supplies last.

    Mini Mouth Model Activities & Palatogram Visuals

    Exclusive freebie! Only available with purchase of any mini-mouth models.

    12-Pack Pouches

    These pouches are so useful for keeping up with mini mouths, and you can clip them into a binder with our mini mouth activities! They are included free with Mini Mouth 12-packs for a limited time, while supplies last.

    Customer Reviews

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    Excellent resource for teaching oral anatomy and placement cues!

    Mouth Model Minis Equal Genius 👏

    I have a large mouth model that I use with my speech kiddos that I use in conjunction with laminated paper models. With my large caseload, laminated and cutting out mouth models has become a hassle. I really wanted something smaller, more tangible that my students could use to assist with grasping correct tongue placement for specific sounds and have an oral motor visual. These mouth model minis are adorable and a perfect addition to my speech toolbox! I could not be happier with my purchase! ♥️

    Palatograms are magical!

    I had never thought about using palatograms to teach speech sounds until I saw Meredith present at KSHA and I got these. But wow, they are magical! My student that had been working on R for several months got it right away when we used the flowchart with the palatogram visuals!

    Fantastic Idea

    My students love having their own models to manipulate and this is such a great visual for them!

    Palatograms are super helpful!

    Very thankful for the palatogram downloads!!! This visual has supported a few “aha” moments with my caseload. Not to mention… combined with the minis, they’re cute & engaging!

    Melanie P.S.
    Mouth minis

    I LOVE ♥️ these mouths!!! Both for phonemic placement and oral motor visuals !!!!