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10 Halloween Activities for Speech Therapy

October is here

and I’ve got a list of festive activities for your speech therapy sessions!


  1. FREE Spooky Clues Early Inferencing Activity. This is a fun one! Give each student a coloring sheet and crayons. You read the clues aloud and students have to infer which item is being described. They color in the item and wait for you to read the next clue. This activity is extra great because you can play this free video that goes along with it. Then you don’t even have to read the clues - the video does it all for you! 
    Spooky Clues Early Inferencing
  2. FREE Halloween Roll and Race. Grab dice and a marker and you’re ready to go. This open-ended activity can be used with any card set or word list you have on hand. Have your student roll the dice, and make a dot/mark in the corresponding column on their page. Then, have them practice their sound that many times. If they rolled a six, they say their target word or sound six times. The student who makes it to the bottom of a column first wins!
    Halloween Roll and Race
  3. FREE Candy Corn Challenge for 100 Trials. Motivate your speech therapy students to get 100 trials of their target sound with this sweet activity! You can bring in real candy corn, or just use markers to color in the pictures as you go. Your student will mark a candy corn picture every time they practice. We also have a pumpkin challenge you’ll enjoy!
    Candy Corn Roll and Race
  4. FREE Where’s My Mummy? Book Companion. Printable activities to go with the story book. You’ll want to check out the book from your local library, or purchase it at a bookstore. After reading the book, your students can complete these activities. This one is good for mixed groups working on speech sound and language skills
    Where's My Mummy Book Companion
  5. FREE Magic Ghost Craft. Watch as ghosts magically appear on your paper! You’ll need a white crayon and watercolor paints. First, draw white ghosts on the white paper. You won’t be able to see them very well. Then, paint over them with the watercolor paints and bam! They show up like magic! Great for learning about cause and effect, describing, or just having fun.
    Magic Ghost Appearing Activity
  6. Halloween Fluency Therapy Activities. This packet of print-and-go worksheets is designed to work on speech fluency (stuttering). With spooky themes and fun illustrations, your students will have tons of fun.
    Halloween Fluency Activities
  7. Jack-O-Lantern Speech Flip Flaps Craft for Articulation and Language. Color the jack-o-lantern, cut it out, and tape it over your practice sheet to make a flap! Lift the flap to reveal your speech words (or language targets). This is a great one to take home and practice with mom or dad.
    Jack-'O-Lantern Halloween Flip Flap Articulation Activity
  8. Fall Pumpkin Race. Grab a pumpkin shaped marshmallow peep or a candy pumpkin and get ready to race! Students spin the spinner and say their sounds as they race to get to the end where their treat awaits!
    Fall Pumpkin Race
  9. Batty About Speech Craft. Make an adorable paper bat as you practice your speech sounds! This simple activity can be folded up and neatly placed in a folder for home practice. And if you want even more bat-themed activities, there is a bundle option that includes language worksheets and multisyllabic word cards you can download here.
    Batty About Speech and Language
  10. Spider Smush. This is an old activity. Maybe even the first Halloween activity I ever created? Although it was made years ago, I’m sure kids will still enjoy using black play-dough to smash spiders as they practice speech words.
    Spider Smush Speech and Language

I hope you like these suggestions for a festive, spooky October in speech therapy! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @thepeachiespeechie and tag me if you post any of these - I’d love to see them in use! 


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