Skulls 💀 in Speech Therapy

Skulls 💀 in Speech Therapy

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Want to keep your speech students engaged and entertained this fall? Switch your regular mouth model for a SKULL. I came up with this idea after working on tongue placement over and over and over with my students. They needed repeated practice, but were getting bored with the same old props. Enter the skull and wow - game changer!

Skulls 💀 in Speech Therapy Skulls 💀 in Speech Therapy

A skull is the perfect September-October mouth model because Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19th and of course followed by Halloween. Skulls fit perfectly into those themed lessons.
Ideas for incorporating skulls into speech therapy:

    Skulls 💀 in Speech Therapy

    I got my skulls at Target. One of them came on a life-sized skeleton that I display at my house on Halloween. The other was an individual prop for only $5 in the decor section.

    I hope you like my idea! If you do this in your speech room and post about it, tag me @thepeachiespeechie so I can see! Enjoy those fall themed sessions, friends!


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