Summer Speech Practice for Articulation Therapy

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This packet is designed to keep your students engaged and practicing all summer long!

It features 6 main template pages and accompanying cut-and-paste pages for almost all consonant sounds. This means you can use this activity with many different students on your caseload! 

It includes the following sounds:

  • P
  • B
  • M
  • N
  • T
  • D
  • F
  • V
  • S
  • Z
  • L
  • R (separate pages for bunched vs. retroflex)
  • CH
  • SH
  • J
  • TH (voiceless) 

Template/Activity pages are as described:

  1. How to Say Speech Sound: Cut and Paste
  2. Drill practice in syllables and words
  3. Write your own sentence page
  4. Book word hunt page 
  5. Movie/ TV show word hunt 
  6. Tear-a-tab activity and coloring page 

If you have any questions about this activity, email me at before purchasing! Thanks and enjoy!

One more thing…

If you want a more in-depth activity packet for the R sound, this one pairs nicely with the R Sound Summer Practice Packet! Grab them both!

Customer Reviews

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Laura P.
Everything for R at home!

I used the R pages from this pack and also your R Sound Summer pack and it is everything my student needs for the whole summer of practice at home!

Ebony M.
Saved me so much time!

I used this to make send-home packets for summer and it saved me so much time.