I Can Say the R Sound: Articulation Workbook

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This systematic, step-by-step approach to R therapy is all you need for teaching the most menacing of sounds! 

This workbook is a MUST-HAVE for every speech-language pathologist! Professional illustrations teach students the anatomy of the mouth and detailed step-by-step visuals guide the clinician and student through a variety of techniques to elicit accurate productions. Engaging activities are included for practice in isolation, syllables, words, phrases, sentences, oral reading, and carryover to connected speech.

Teaching R can be difficult, but this workbook makes it easier. This comprehensive book of articulation printables contains a variety of proven methods. These carefully designed worksheets can be used while you provide evidence-based therapy to your students. Research supports many of the methods included such as minimal pairs, mass practice, and using visual cues.

Included in this downloadable workbook:

  • Clear anatomy visuals and step-by-step illustrated instructions for the production of retroflexed & bunched R
  • Elicitation techniques including tactile cues, shaping R from other sounds, using tools such as tongue depressors, dental flossers, and lollipops to elicit the R sound. Jaw stabilization tips, directions for using popular words (Karla, Eureka, etc.), and how to use hand cues.
  • Playdough sheets for teaching the R sound
  • Visuals for reducing lip rounding
  • Minimal Pair Cards and activities (w vs. r)
  • Auditory discrimination sheets
  • Coarticulation for eliciting vocalic R
  • Dot marker drill pages
  • High-frequency word drills
  • Nonsense word sheet (make up R words)
  • Fun and engaging drill games including a race car dice game, sand timer timed drill, paperclip spinner pages, and tic-tac-toe
  • Sound-By-Sound™ visuals for producing R at the word level
  • Worksheets for practicing the R sound in isolation, syllables, words, 2-word phrases, carrier phrases, sentences, oral reading, and carryover to connected speech.

Total Page Count: 334 Pages!

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Parent User-Friendly

I'm a home school mum from NZ and have started this with my 5 yr old son. I had been doing the "I can say S" with his older sister so he feels very special to have his own PeachySpeechie book too. Meredith is so gifted at presenting/explaining things in a methodical way for us non- speech therapists. The results are great. Perseverance and practice are the key for kids who have learnt a sound incorrectly-and these books are gold because there are so many different activities to keep parents and children engaged with daily practice. Thankyou so much!


So many great resources in this workbook!

I can say my R

Great visuals. A go-to resource.

Nancy G.
Great Resource

Love the book for helping to teach the /r/ sounds. The videos are wonderful too.

Sarah D.
R Sound Workbook

I love this ! The best thing is , it’s easy to make copies to send home for practice and these strategies really help to remediate that pesky /r/ sound. I actually enjoy working on it now that I have this !!!

Elizabeth B.

I Can Say the R Sound: Articulation Workbook