Listen & Draw For The R Sound - Articulation Activity

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Do your students love to draw? Working on saying the R Sound during speech therapy sessions? This product is for you!

Read sound-loaded sentences and ask your students to draw the scene you described. Then, have them say the sentences or just the target words back to you. Labels with target words are included for your students to attach to their picture page. 


  • Instruction page with R-sound cue cards
  • Sound loaded sentences for each R context (initial R, AR, ER, EAR, IRE, AIR, OR and initial R-blends)
  • Page for students to draw on
  • Labels (small labels to cut out and glue on the drawing page)

If you are interested in a comprehensive, step-by-step workbook for teaching the R sound, you will also love my book titled I Can Say the R Sound! It pairs well with this packet. 

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Perfect for all ages!

Love this product, it is perfect for my artic students and they love taking it home for practice and fun art!