Oral Resting Posture Guide

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This packet is designed to help you teach your students about correct oral resting posture (oral rest position, or your mouth's “home position”). 

Increase your students awareness of their articulator placement through high quality visuals, photos, and directions!


  • Written description of correct vs. incorrect resting posture 
  • Visuals and photos to illustrate proper tongue placement 
  • Mini book craft for students to cut, color, and staple together 
  • Review activity (quiz) for students to complete after the lesson 

Bonus: These activity and instructional pages are accompanied by an optional free video that discusses oral rest position in a fun way with a catchy rhyme/song! There is a QR code in the product that links to the video.

Total of 13 pages.

About the author and disclaimers: Meredith is a speech therapist trained in orofacial myofunctional therapy. This packet is not a substitute for speech therapy or myofunctional therapy. Its purpose is to be used during therapy sessions to help teach students about proper oral resting posture. 

Customer Reviews

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This is amazing

There aren't a lot of resources out there for oral rest position and my student really needed to work on this. The pack was so helpful and her mom understood resting posture after looking at the visuals so now she can remind her at home too.

Hollis M.
Great packet

It’s a small packet, only a dozen pages, but it has all the visuals and explanations I need! I was making this way too complicated with my students before. I used this today and it was so much easier to teach!

Laila T.
Home Resting Position

Thank you for making this! We work on getting tongues in the home spot and these visuals are great! AND THE VIDEO! I just followed you on YouTube and am obsessed!