I Can Say the F and V Sounds: Articulation Workbook

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I Can Say the F and V Sounds! Professional illustrations with step by step instructions for sound production of F and V plus many practice activities!! This workbook gradually increases in difficulty with opportunities for practice in isolation, syllables, words, phrases, sentences and oral reading/story re-tell.

Included in this digital download workbook:
  • Learning about speech anatomy
  • Step by step illustrated directions for producing the F and V Sounds
  • Tips for eliciting the F and V sounds in therapy sessions (shaping, tactile cues, etc.)
  • Drills in isolation
  • Syllable level practice
  • Minimal Pair Cards
  • Word level practice sheets for F and V in all positions (dot marker sheets, spinner sheets, cut and paste sheets, matching sheets)
  • Carrier phrase sheets for F and V in the initial position
  • Read and illustrate sentences for F and V in all positions
  • Sound loaded stories (one for each sound position) for oral reading or story re-tell

Total of 108 pages.

Customer Reviews

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Great resource

Great space of resources. Excellent for establishing a high rate of responses. Activities are engaging and easily integrated into therapy and home practice!

Tara D.
We loved it

My daughter has trouble saying the F and V sound. This has helped her so much and the best part is it’s fun!