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Save money on the R Sound Speech Therapy Bundle, which includes this product.

A whole packet of materials to target RL words in speech therapy! Words such as world, girl and squirrel can be especially challenging for students. 

These high quality worksheets break down the tricky RL words to make them easier to say! 

Included in this packet: 

  • RL Word Screener
  • Pre-practice word lists for R and L 
  • Elicitation tips and visuals for how to say R (bunched and retroflex) and L 
  • RL drills for isolation, words, and sentences 
  • Pages targeting specific words (world, girl, squirrel) 
  • RL word Roll & Race Dice Game 
  • Two short sound-loaded stories for reading aloud 

Total of 32 pages.

Who is this packet for? 

This packet is perfect for students in speech therapy working on RL words. It is ideal for students who can already say “ER” and “L” in isolation and words, but are struggling with RL combos such as girl, world, swirl, curl, or twirl. 

Need more help with the R Sound? 

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer B.
RL words

RL words are SO EASY for my students now! We got “world” in one session after using this

Rebecca G.
Game changer!

How have I never heard of this method for RL words before?! It’s been a game changer for my students. Thank you!