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Minimal pairs for prevocalic and vocalic R! Enjoy effective and engaging speech therapy sessions with this workbook.

Does your student have difficulty differentiating between stressed vocalic ER and other vocalic R contexts (AR, EAR, AIR, IRE and OR)? Do they vowelize vocalic R? For example, do they say pot instead of part? These worksheets were designed for this situation! They contain visuals and word lists to help students hear and see the difference between vocalic R word pairs.

There are also pages to address prevocalic /r/ with minimal pairs. So if your student substitutes L for R or W for R, you’ll want this resource in your collection!

Included in this downloadable workbook, Minimal Pairs for the R Sound:
Introduction and ideas for use 

  • Vocalic and Prevocalic R syllable webs 
  • Step-by-Step instructions: How to Say Vocalic R (AR, EAR, IRE, AIR, OR)
  • Minimal Pairs for Vocalic R Contexts Ex: core vs. car or bird vs. beard 
  • Minimal Pairs for Vowels vs. Vocalic R Ex: bud vs. bird, or cot vs. cart
  • Minimal Pairs for Prevocalic R vs. W and R vs. L Ex: lip vs. rip or write vs. write 
  • Draw the Difference flashcard activity template
  • Sentence-Level Practice page for each vocalic R context
  • Illustrated Picture Cards (one page for vocalic R and one page for prevocalic R)
  • Updated in August 2023 to include additional sound-by-sound webs, Roll and Race dice games, and additional illustrated worksheets! 

Total of 151 pages. The majority of the pages in this workbook are minimal pair lists. Many of these word lists do not have accompanying pictures. This makes them ideal for students who can read.

Teaching R can be difficult, but Peachie Speechie’s workbooks make it easier! Don’t forget to check out our other amazing products for the R sound.

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Customer Reviews

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Makes therapy easier

I love having these minimal pair word lists on hand so I don’t have to try and think of words on the spot. The mouth pictures are great too.

Annette L.
Good for older kids

This is going to be perfect for my middle school group

Kimberly S.
Vocalic R Minimal Pairs!!

I love that this includes minimal pairs for VOCALIC R! Thank you, I can’t wait to use this!