R Sound Picture Cards

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Peachie Speechie's R Sound Picture Cards are not only beautifully designed, but also provide exceptional visual support for students working on their R sound.

The card deck encompasses all vocalic R contexts, allowing students to practice the distinctive sounds in isolation, such as the pirate's "ARR" sound or the seal's "OR" sound. Furthermore, it covers prevocalic and intervocalic R in words and initial R-blends, ensuring comprehensive practice opportunities. 

Additionally, this deck includes cards specifically designed to be used when implementing the coarticulation strategy and speech motor chaining.

I plan to add more cards in the future, so please feel free to email me and share suggestions! 

If you need MORE help with the R sound, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Check out our step-by-step workbook, I Can Say the R Sound. This workbook takes you from eliciting that first R through production in syllables, words, phrases, sentences, and oral reading. Packed with elicitation techniques and many practice opportunities, it is a must-have for every speech-language pathologist.

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Customer Reviews

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R sound picture cards

These are so helpful! Peachie Speechie has helped my son make huge progress in a short amount of time. We are so thankful for these products and videos!

Really useful!

I work in a public sector with bilingual kids and those resources are really helpful for exercises not only in the therapy, but for home exercises as well. Thank you!

i love R

I love working on R and this is a great resource! Thank you for sharing!

Megan J.
Best visuals for R

I had heard about cognitive reframing and how it’s helpful to think of the R as a different sound like the pirate sound. These cards are PERFECT for that! Instead of saying “Or” we say the Seal Sound and it works almost every time!

R Help

As always, Meredith’s materials deliver results! Thanks Peachie Speechie for your amazing products.

R sound cards

The pictures are vibrant and motivating for my students who struggle with the /r/ sound.