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Peachie Speechie's R Sound Picture Cards are not only beautifully designed but also provide exceptional visual support for students working on their R sound.

The card deck encompasses all vocalic R contexts, allowing students to practice the distinctive sounds in isolation, such as the pirate's "ARR" sound or the seal's "OR" sound. Furthermore, it covers prevocalic and intervocalic R in words and initial R-blends, ensuring comprehensive practice opportunities. 

Additionally, this deck includes cards specifically designed to be used when implementing the coarticulation strategy and speech motor chaining.

Enjoy this card deck, FREE for a limited time! I believe everyone should have access to high quality speech therapy materials and hope you love these cards as much as I do.

I plan to add more cards in the future, so please feel free to email me and share suggestions! 

If you need MORE help with the R sound, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Check out our step-by-step workbook, I Can Say the R Sound. This workbook takes you from eliciting that first R through production in syllables, words, phrases, sentences, and oral reading. Packed with elicitation techniques and many practice opportunities, it is a must-have for every speech-language pathologist.

Be sure to share the link to this page with someone who would like their own copy!

Please see our included Terms of Use & FAQ. You may not email this card deck to friends - each person needs to download their own copy from our website. Thanks!

Customer Reviews

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Ameka B.
These cards WORK

Wow, my students love these cards! Especially the coarticulation set. Those cards have helped several kids get their vocalic R sound in just a few tries! THANK YOU!

Dalia A.
Thank you for these R Cards

These are wonderful! Thank you for making them!