Speech Sound Checklist (No-Prep Articulation Screener)

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A quick and easy way to get a sound inventory at the word level! This informal checklist helps you quickly identify which speech sounds your student has difficulty producing. There is a line below each target word for phonetic transcription and space down the side of the page for additional notes.

There is also a summary sheet to quickly and easily document which sounds your student is able to produce and which they need help with. This summary sheet includes ages at which each sound should develop.

How to use this checklist:

  • Point to each picture and ask your student to name it. If they do not know the name of the pictured item, model it for them and ask again. For example, "This is a pig. Now you tell me. What is this?"
  • If the student produces the word correctly, place a check mark in the small box next to the picture. If they say it incorrectly, put an X in the box and then transcribe how the student said it on the line below the picture.
  • Use the lines on the right side of the page to make any additional notes. For example, if the student was unable to produce the word correctly with independence, but was able to achieve accurate production with a verbal prompt or model, you could write this information on the side of the page.

This is not a formal measure of articulation skills. There is no score derived at the end. This is a quick check of speech sound production at the word level that can be used to gather information for Response to Intervention (RTI), informal evaluation, or progress monitoring.

It is designed to be used by a speech-language pathologist familiar with speech sound development. Results and recommendations should be made by the SLP.

Customer Reviews

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Annemarie H.

Speech Sound Checklist (No-Prep Articulation Screener)

Christina M.
Speech sound checklist

I am a new SLPA and this is helping me when I do quick screens for school based younger elementary kids.

Jeff K.
Useful for parent meetings

When I meet with parents for early RTI or IEP meetings, I bring this checklist to show them which sounds their child needs to work on.

Lane M.

I’ve used this for years with my students and I thank you for adding the summary page. It’s a thorough checklist