The Ultimate Speech Therapy Craft BUNDLE

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This is the ULTIMATE bundle of speech therapy crafts! This download includes 784 pages of engaging, no-prep speech & language crafts for the entire year! Look no further! By buying the bundle, you will SAVE over 40%!

There is one craft set for every month of the year PLUS four bonus crafts!! That is a total of 16 awesome speech and language craft products! No-prep articulation color, cut, and paste!

These craft sets are perfect for progress monitoring because the target words are consistent between sets and we have included a data sheet to make it even easier! Using these crafts each month will be fun for your students and make progress monitoring a breeze!

The Ultimate Speech Therapy Craft Bundle contains the following products (a whole year of crafts!):

  1. January: Snowball Fight 
  2. February: Candy Heart 
  3. March: Pot of Gold 
  4. April: Eggcellent Speech
  5. May: My Speech Garden
  6. June: Speech at the Beach 
  7. July: Speech Under the Sea 
  8. August: S'more Speech
  9. September: Nuts About Speech
  10. October: Spooky Speech
  11. November: Falling Leaves
  12. December: Ugly Sweater Speech
  13. Any Month: Throw Kindness Like Confetti
  14. Any Month: Purrrfect Speech
  15. Any Month: Pizza Party
  16. EXCLUSIVE BONUS CRAFT: On a Roll In Speech (Sushi Theme!)

Each craft set will contain a page for each of the following speech and language targets:

  • P-initial
  • B-initial
  • M-initial
  • D-initial
  • T-initial
  • F-initial
  • F-medial
  • F-final
  • G-initial
  • G-medial
  • G-final
  • K-initial
  • K-medial
  • R-initial (2 pages)
  • R-medial (2 pages)
  • R-final
  • R-blends
  • L-initial
  • L-medial (2 pages)
  • L-final
  • L-blends
  • S-initial
  • S-medial
  • S-final
  • S-blends
  • SH-initial
  • J-initial
  • CH-initial
  • CH-medial
  • CH-final
  • TH-initial
  • CVC (2 pages)
  • 3-Syllable words (2 pages)
  • Regular verbs
  • Irregular verbs
  • Multiple meaning words (2 pages)
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Categories
  • Emotions
  • Blank page
  • Blank data-sheet

Customer Reviews

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David B.
Great materials

A nice selection of activities that can be used across many diagnoses.

Jenny O.

The Ultimate Speech Therapy Craft BUNDLE

Mrs. O.
Use it weekly!!!

This is an amazing packet! I am a middle school SLP and find ways to use it all the time. So useful, practical and fun

Stephanie B.
So great!

One of the best bundles I have every purchased!! It got me through a year of decorating my long hallway!! Simple to use and the kids enjoyed it too! Love how it incorporates articulation and language. I used the blank pages to make some fluency targets.

Casey S.
I will use this forever!

Wow! I can not believe I got this for such a steal!!!! I will use this forever!

Megan L.
Thank you!

Oh my goodness gracious this bundle is just what I needed! My kiddos love crafts but I don't always love the work needed to prep the crafts so these are perfect! My kiddos can work on their goals while getting crafty so I know they'll absolutely love it! Thank you!