Deep Dive for R - An Informal Assessment

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The Deep Dive for R is an informal evaluation tool for production of the R sound in different contexts. This tool allows speech-language pathologists to get a clear picture of their client’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to production of the R sound. It is designed to assist in developing an appropriate therapy plan based on which R contexts the child has the most success with.

Quickly and easily assess production of the following allophonic categories: 

  • Prevocalic R
  • Prevocalic R in blends
  • Stressed Vocalic R
  • Intervocalic R 
  • Unstressed Vocalic R 

The included score summary sheet helps you organize the information and develop therapy objectives. 

Clinicians can choose the word-level or the sentence-level assessment, as both are included.

The Deep Dive for R is sure to be something you’ll use again and again during pediatric speech-sound evaluations. 

    Total of 21 pages.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Jessica T.
    Deep Dive for R

    LOVE!!! Excellent resource!!!

    Helena G.
    Deep Dive for R

    This is great for evals with R kids! I needed something in addition to the GFTA to get more details.