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Save money on the R Sound Speech Therapy Bundle, which includes this product.

This worksheet pack specifically targets R-blends in the initial position of words such as bring, crash, and drink. It features illustrated practice cards and sheets that break the initial phoneme away from the word before having the student blend it all together. 

For example, T + RAIN = TRAIN

This method of teaching can help draw awareness to the different sounds in the word. It also illustrates how adding a sound can change the whole word, along with its meaning.

The following blends are featured in this product in the initial position of words: 

  • PR
  • BR
  • TR
  • DR
  • FR
  • GR
  • KR 

For each R-blend listed above, this pack includes 6 illustrated cards and a phrase-level worksheet. Total of 28 pages.

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Sara S.
Thank you!

Thank you for making such a simple product to help kids get R blends! The visuals are wonderful.

Rachel D.
good for blends

this is good for r blends and I wish you would do it for s blends also

Gabby P.
R Blends

Excellent, as always! Adding this to my R materials!

Jennifer M.
Easy R Blends Method!

This method of breaking the word apart makes teaching R blends easy!

Dana W.
Packet for R Blends

This packet is helpful for R blends