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"This is a very comprehensive resource and an incredible tool for SLPs." -Lisa D.

Elicit speech sounds with ease.

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"The pictures are vibrant and motivating for my students who struggle with the /r/ sound." -N.B.

Have fun with the R sound!

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Speechie Doll Comfort Colors Boxy Tee - Ivory / XL - T-Shirt peachiespeechie.com


Speechie Doll Comfort Colors Boxy Tee

Just got my boxy comfort color tees and I LOVEEE this fit. Please make more!! Perfect length (not a crop top and not so long you have to tuck it in). 10/10


Speech Sound Handbook

Great resource! I love this book! The mouth pictures are great, and very engaging for my young clients. The teaching tips are also great to share with parents when they are doing home practice.


Mini Mouth Models

Very thankful for the palatogram downloads!!! This visual has supported a few “aha” moments with my caseload. Not to mention… combined with the minis, they’re cute & engaging!


Fluency Therapy Activities Bundle

I LOVE this bundle! I have started using it with all of my students who stutter. It is so structured and organized, and also so up to date on research. I LOVE J. Scott Yaruss' approach to stuttering therapy and this is totally in line with it...

Coarticulation for the R Sound - Materials peachiespeechie.com


Coarticulation for the R Sound

AN ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE This has been a game changer for my students. These well put together exercises have helped my students reach their vocalic r goals. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Amy P.

I Can Say... Bundle

I have used this resource all year long and have thoroughly enjoyed it! It has helped me effectively teach each sound and given me lots of great ideas. I especially like how the workbook provides materials for each level of sound production. As an SLP who travels...


Speech Sound Handbook

Beautiful and Helpful Visuals! I love this handbook! It helps me learn new ways to elicit sounds, especially as a baby SLP. Furthermore, I love the beautiful visuals as well as QR codes to scan for helpful videos! :)

I Can Say the L Sound: Articulation Workbook - Materials peachiespeechie.com


I Can Say... Bundle

WORTH EVERY PENNY! I love this product! My student's also love all the activities/worksheets and I've only been using them for a week!

Dr. T.K.

Custom Shirts

Our team loves the shirts we got from peachiespeechie more than any others we have bought. They are really soft, true to size and holding up well.


I Can Say the K & G Sounds

I can't say enough about Meredith's resources. My students are engaged and love strengthening their sounds using these fun activities and parents give positive feedback about better understanding exactly what their child is doing in speech. Thanks a million, Meredith!

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