Basic WH Questions with Picture Choices Cards

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Save money on the WH Questions & Comprehension Card Deck Bundle, which includes this product.

A deck of 100 cards for answering basic WH-questions. Each question has two pictured answer options. There are also instructional cards included for each question type (ex: where questions ask about places, when questions ask about time, etc.)

  • 20 WHAT questions
  • 20 WHERE questions
  • 20 WHO questions
  • 20 WHEN questions
  • 20 WHY questions
  • 5 instructional cards
  • Cover Card

This card deck is designed for students who are learning to answer questions and learning the difference between the question types. Examples of the questions are as follows:

  • What meows? (Cat or Pet Shop)
  • Where do birds live? (Feathers or In nests)
  • Who flies an airplane? (Pilot or Sky)
  • When do you study? (Before a test or Math book)
  • Why do you go to a restaurant? (On the table or To order food)

I use these cards during speech therapy sessions and they are super helpful when working on answering WH- questions!

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Basic WH Questions with Picture Choices Cards