Paper Mouth Model

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A paper mouth model you can print, laminate, and send home with your students!

Whether you're doing teletherapy or in-person therapy, giving each child their own paper mouth model is a good plan! Students can color the mouth model and use it during sessions and take additional copies home for practice with parents. You can laminate the mouth model for durability. In fact, laminating it is recommended so you can use play-dough to make tongues and show placement in the mouth.

Teaching anatomy and tongue placement is an important part of articulation therapy, and mouth models are useful visuals. This one is great because you can easily download & print it or email it home for virtual sessions.

Included in this download:

  • Paper Mouth Model
  • 2 Speech Anatomy sheets (one labeled, one unlabeled)
  • Pictures to show how to use this mouth model with play-dough 
  • A template for a note to send to parents with the mouth model and a jar of playdough 

This paper mouth model is also included in our I Can Say the R Sound Workbook.

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Customer Reviews

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Paper Mouth Model

Kendra J.
Awesome resource

While I do love this resource for articulation lessons, we actually just used it today for a life skills lesson, due to COVID constraints our speech/ot group cannot work on oral hygiene like we usually would. We made these with the students to kick off the unit!

Jessica I.

Paper Mouth Model

Love all your stuff!

I have a bunch of Peachie Speechie stuff and have been happy with it all. I'm emailing this mouth model to my students so we can make them together during teletherapy.