Christmas Fluency Therapy Activities (Stuttering Therapy)

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This is a collection of engaging CHRISTMAS THEMED activities for fluency therapy! Low-prep, and lots of fun! 

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Fluency Therapy Activities BUNDLE!

These activities are included:

  • Cover Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Elf Speech Anatomy Illustrations
  • Bumpy or Smooth? Word Level
  • Bumpy or Smooth? Sentence Level
  • What Helps Me Have Smooth Speech? Fluency Shaping Strategy Cards
  • Holiday Speech Slider
  • Word Level Practice Pages
  • Sweet Carrier Phrase Practice
  • Smooth Phrase Practice
  • Smooth Sentence Practice
  • Read, Cut, and Paste Activity
  • Sleigh Full of Smooth Speech Craft
  • Smooth Speech Practice - conversational
  • Holiday Reading Practice
  • Smooth Scenes - Draw and Describe

Total of 26 pages. All in black and white. Color versions of the anatomy poster and sliders are included as well.

Note: This product addresses speech fluency (stuttering) not reading fluency.

Customer Reviews

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Shani B.
Awesome Resource

I purchased this after using the Halloween Fluency packet. My 2 first grade students love this Christmas one as much as the Halloween. We are actually going to continue to use the speech rating slips through Feb since it's snowmen and good for winter. I purchased snowman clips at the dollar store to use instead of paper clips. They love it! They took the spider rating strips home and can't wait to take the snowman one home once we move to spring. That's been one of the most important parts to them. They like to rate their own speech every day. I've already purchased the Spring packet to start in March. Love it!

Jennifer S.
Great Packet!

My students and I enjoyed using all of the packet, including practicing disfluencies, reading without disfluencies, and using the visual to judge their fluency.