Welcome to Speech Therapy Foldable Booklets

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These foldable books are a fun and easy way to introduce your students to speech therapy! Perfect for the 1st day of speech!

Included in this download are 2 foldables. Simply print, fold, and go!

  1. Print the foldable
  2. Fold it twice to make a little book
  3. Give students crayons/markers and a pencil
  4. Engage students in conversation as they complete the activities in the foldable

These foldables help you introduce speech/language goals and collect some informal conversation data. You can send them home with students after their first speech session to remind parents about goals for the year.

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Customer Reviews

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Alison J.
Go to for the first week in speech

Easy way to catch up with kids for the first session and contact parents with therapy time without doing a lot of extra work!

Suzanne A.

Welcome to Speech Therapy Foldable Booklets

Kim S.
Speech-Language Pathologist-Elementary School

Loved this product!! It was a wonderful resource to use for back to school! Thank you so much.

Giselle G.
Great BOY resource!

This foldable was great for having one-on-one conversations with students about their goals. Thank you for sharing!

Jackie H.

Welcome to Speech Therapy Foldable Booklets

Annabelle H.

Welcome to Speech Therapy Foldable Booklets