Snow Globe Speech and Language Flip Flap Craft

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Flip the snow globe flap, practice your speech and language skills, and have FUN learning! Progress monitoring is easy with these crafts because data sheets are included! Keep your students engaged and your therapy prep to a minimum with this activity!

Note: This craft is part of a larger money-saving BUNDLE!

How to use: Your students will color and cut out the top "flap" page and then glue or tape it to the bottom skill page. When they lift the flap, they will see their practice words (or other language skill targets)! You can send these adorable crafts home for practice too!

Speech Sounds Included:

  • CVC 
  • CVCV
  • P (initial, medial, final)
  • B (initial, medial)
  • M (initial, medial)
  • N (initial, medial, final)
  • H (initial)
  • W (initial)
  • T (initial, medial, final)
  • D (initial, medial, final)
  • K (initial, medial, final)
  • G (initial, medial, final)
  • F (initial, medial, final)
  • V (initial)
  • L (initial, medial, final)
  • R (initial, medial, final)
  • AIR words
  • AR words
  • IRE words 
  • OR words
  • EAR words 
  • S (initial, medial, final)
  • Z (initial)
  • TH (mixed initial, medial, final on the same sheet)
  • SH (initial, medial, final)
  • CH (initial, medial, final)
  • J (initial) 
Language Skills Included:
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms 
  • Multiple Meaning Words
  • Categories
  • Regular Plurals
  • Irregular Plurals 
  • Regular Verbs
  • Irregular Verbs 
  • WHO questions (Who teaches you at school? etc.)
  • WHAT questions (What do you sweep the floor with? etc.)
  • WHEN questions (When do you go to sleep? etc.)
  • WHERE questions (Where do horses live? etc.)
  • WHY questions (Why do we wear jackets? etc.)

Total of 208 pages.

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