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Scented Marker Speech Therapy Articulation Game

Kids LOVE scented markers! This activity provides a way to incorporate those deliciously fruity-smelling markers into speech therapy sessions as students work on articulation skills. This smelly marker companion is one of my favorites!

While this activity is no-prep, print and go, you’ll want to have the following items on hand:
  • 12-pack of scented markers (see the preview photos for the recommended brand!)
  • Paperclip 
  • Pencil 
How to play:

Students will make a paper clip spinner and spin to determine which articulation word they will practice. After practicing the word, they will color the corresponding picture on the mat! The first student to color all of the pictures on their mat wins!

Sounds included:
  • CV words 
  • VC words 
  • CVC words 
  • CVCV words 
  • 3-syllable words
  • 4-syllable words 
  • H (initial)
  • W (initial)
  • P (initial, medial, final) 
  • B (initial, medial, final) 
  • M (initial, medial, final) 
  • N (initial, medial, final) 
  • T (initial, medial, final) 
  • D (initial, medial, final) 
  • K (initial, medial, final) 
  • G (initial, medial, final) 
  • F (initial, medial, final) 
  • V (initial, medial, final) 
  • L (initial, medial, final) 
  • R (initial, medial, final) 
  • Vocalic R (AR, OR, AIR, EAR, ER, IRE)
  • S (initial, medial, final) 
  • Z (initial, medial, final) 
  • CH (initial, medial, final) 
  • SH (initial, medial, final) 
  • J (initial, medial, final) 
  • TH (initial, medial, final) 
A blank mat is also included! Total of 95 pages!

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