Potato Builder Speech: No Prep Articulation Sheets Toy Companion

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Grab your potato toy and get ready to have fun! These no-prep worksheets make articulation drills fun by incorporating a favorite toy. You and your students are sure to love Potato Builder Speech!

How to use this product:

Your student will say the pictured target word 5 times before earning a body part/piece to add to their potato character. When they have completed their worksheet, they will have practiced 45 times and completed their potato character. So if you can do it twice in a therapy session, you have 90 trials!

Worksheets included for the following sounds/positions:
  • VC words
  • CV words
  • CVC words
  • CVCV words
  • CVCVC words
  • CVCVCV words
  • 3-syllable words
  • 4-syllable words
  • P initial
  • P medial
  • P final 
  • B initial
  • M initial 
  • K initial 
  • K medial
  • K final
  • G initial 
  • G medial
  • G final
  • F initial
  • V initial 
  • T final
  • D final 
  • R initial
  • R medial
  • R final
  • R-blends 
  • L initial 
  • L final 
  • L-blends 
  • S initial
  • S final 
  • S-blends initial 
  • SH initial
  • CH initial 
  • TH initial 
  • Blank page - write in your own words! 

Total of 47 pages.

Important note: The classic plastic potato toy is not included in this digital download. This product is a toy companion - you will want to have this toy to fully enjoy these worksheets.

Customer Reviews

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Margaret W.
Easy Data Collection

This is an easy way to use your potato head toy to keep your client engaged as they practice provided words and you easily collect data.

Elizabeth G.
Awesome Spud Companion!

Kids are having so much fun and we are getting lots of reps!

jenni t.

Potato Builder Speech: No Prep Articulation Sheets Toy Companion

Great No Prep Resource

Honestly, sometimes it's hard to prep for any session and this takes the thinking out of it! Great useful and different tool.

Andrea L.
Potato Head fun!

I managed to find a LOT of potato head parts at a sharing site. The kids LOVED to practice with the Peachie Speechie page and Potato Head parts!

Great Resource

I use this all the for a more fun of targeting articulation in therapy other than just drills. Would recommend!