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A fun way to incorporate popper fidget mats into your speech therapy sessions! Here is how you can use them: 

  1. Give your student a worksheet and a popper
  2. Write the speech words you want your student to practice in the spaces
  3. Ask them to say the words, popping a bubble for every trial

NOTE: The round mat page has space for two rows of practice words. I recommend targeting the words on the left side and then flipping the popper bubble mat over and then targeting the ones on the right side. 

I don't sell the popper bubble mats but you can find them on Amazon.

Customer Reviews

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I have used these pop upop up for so many things including multiple sound drills, turn taking, language task competition between kids and groups, the list goes on! That love this simple, relatable tool!

Christi W.
Pop Pop

My students love it! Thank you for sharing!

mel p.

Pop Pop Speech Practice Pages

SLP i.I.
motivating practice

My students enjoyed practicing with these sheets with both dabbers as well as pop-its. Works for speech sounds and verb tense!

Evelyn R.
Kids love POP POP's!

I love the Pop Pop Speech Practice pages because they are easy to fill out during a therapy session and can be used to track homework on a daily basis. The student can mark each day that they practiced or practice a target sound 6x each day. It looks child friendly and is simple and quick to fill out. I review the Pop Pop speech practice page each session and put a smile face or "MET" on each of the homework sections that they met. Then I fill out a new Pop Pop speech practice page each session with the homework they still need to work on and any new skills to practice. I love all of Peachie Speachie's materials!

Kelsey C.
Pop pop speech

Every kids was thrilled to do pop pop speech! Fun and easy! Thank you!