I Can Use Pronouns: No-Prep Workbook

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This product contains over 100 pages of professionally illustrated worksheets to address the correct usage of pronouns. It has a heavy focus on subject pronouns He, She, They, but also has pages to address object pronouns, possessive pronouns, reflexive pronouns, indefinite pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, interrogative and relative pronouns. All pages are no-prep, black and white - just print and go! There are some cut and paste pages so you'll want to have crayons, glue, and scissors on hand.

Included in this digital download workbook:

  • He vs. She
  • He vs. She vs. They
  • He vs. She vs. It
  • His vs. Hers
  • I vs. Me
  • Subject vs. Object Pronouns (She/Her, He/Him, They/Them We/Us)
  • Reflexive Pronouns (myself, himself, herself, etc.)
  • Reflexive vs. Intensive Pronouns
  • Demonstrative Pronouns (This, That, These, Those)
  • Interrogative Pronouns (Who, Which, What, Whose, Whom)
  • Interrogative vs. Relative Pronouns
  • Appendix - 5 additional pages discussing They as a singular pronoun, being respectful when people ask you to use certain pronouns, and one page on ze/zir, ze/hir pronouns.

I believe everyone deserves to feel respected, accepted, and like they belong. While some of the pages in this book require assuming pronouns based on appearance to teach the concept, I also teach inclusivity, acceptance, kindness, and respect in my classroom. The appendix features pages about using They/Them pronouns (singular they), respecting people and using their pronouns as requested, and a one-page introduction of ze/zir ze/hir. Please see the preview photos of many pages of this workbook. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions I am eager to hear from you! I am always open to learning and love to hear your feedback. Please contact me at meredith@peachiespeechie.com

Total of 127 pages.

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Customer Reviews

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Kathy T.

Liked the workbook.

Darlene M.
I can use pronouns.

This is great .


Helpful, thank you

Allie D.
Pronoun Workbook

This workbook is so comprehensive! I have some students working on pronouns & this is helpful.

Kelli M.
I love all of the I CAN series

I just bought a few of these books and all of the I CAN products are great! They are step by step and easy to use.