I Can Use Context Clues With Tier 2 Vocabulary

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This comprehensive, no-prep workbook helps students use context clues to figure out the meaning of Tier 2 vocabulary words! If you are working on vocabulary development at the elementary level, this is the workbook for you!

Included in this digital download workbook:

  • About this Workbook & Tier Vocabulary (1 page)
  • What are Context Clues? (1 page)
  • Types of Context Clues (Synonym/Restatement Clues, Antonym Clues, Definition Clues, Example Clues, and Inference Clues)
  • Context Clues Slider - Visual cue for types of clues (1 page)
  • Examples of the Types of Context Clues (5 pages)
  • Matching Activity (1 page)
  • Cut and Paste - Finding context clues in sentences (6 pages)
  • Paragraph Practice Cards - 40 total cards (10 pages)
  • Paragraph Practice Cards Answer Key (1 page)
  • Vocabulary Practice Sheets - Learn and illustrate (25 pages)
  • Vocabulary Practice Sheets - Answer key (1 page)
  • Story Cards Context Clues Game (5 pages)
  • Fold and Define Craft Pages (10 pages)
  • Fold and Define Answer Key (1 page)
  • Resource list (1 page)
  • Blank writing page (Have students write a story with the Tier 2 words they learned!)

Total of 74 pages.

Customer Reviews

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Abby H.
I Can workbooks and Cut and Paste workbooks

I love all of your materials!

Torry E.
I Can series is great

I bought the I Can Have Conversations book first and liked it so much I came back and got a few more from the same series. This context clues book was great for my 2nd and 3rd grade groups.