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I Can Say the S Sound: Articulation Workbook

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Designed to help with that tricky S sound, this workbook is a MUST HAVE for every speech-language pathologist! Professional illustrations teach students the anatomy of the mouth and detailed step-by-step visuals guide the clinician and student through a variety of techniques to elicit accurate productions. Activities are included for practice in isolation, syllables, words, sentences, and oral story reading.

Included in this digital download workbook:

  • Why is the S Sound Challenging
  • Speech Sound Self Report
  • Speech Anatomy: Learning About the Parts of the Mouth
  • I Can Say the S Sound Poster
  • Visuals for the S Sound
  • How to Produce the S Sound
  • Common /s/ Errors - Frontal vs. Lateral Lisp
  • Pull Back Method - Eliciting an /s/ Sound from a /th/ Sound
  • Tools for Teaching the S Sound
  • Understanding Airflow
  • Jaw Stability
  • Stretchy T - Eliciting an /s/ Sound from a /t/ Sound
  • Stretchy T Practice
  • Facilitating Contexts
  • Silly Phrases with Facilitating Contexts
  • S Practice - Drill Sheets for Practice in Isolation
  • Minimal Pairs Cards
  • S in Syllables
  • Say and Dot S Practice
  • Spin It, Say It, Color It - Word Level
  • Carrier Phrase Fun
  • Tally Sheet with Word Lists: Practice and Data Collection
  • Articulation Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Word to Picture Matching
  • S Clues Cut and Paste
  • Silly Sentences: Read and Illustrate
  • Story Time: Read and Illustrate S Stories
  • Writing Page
  • Resource List

Total of 84 pages.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Awesome Resource

Such a great resource! Material is set up in such a clear, concise, logical way. Kids love it. I love it. Most importantly, the strategies work!! Excellent investment.

S B.
Great resource

This site never fails! My kids love all the fun activities this book provides! Keep ‘em coming!

My new favorite resource for /s/

My students working on /s/ love these materials and the corresponding video (for home practice).

Taylor G.

I Can Say the S Sound: Articulation Workbook

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