I Can Say the S Sound: Articulation Workbook

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Designed to help with that tricky S sound, this workbook is a MUST HAVE for every speech-language pathologist! Professional illustrations teach students the anatomy of the mouth and detailed step-by-step visuals guide the clinician and student through a variety of techniques to elicit accurate productions. Activities are included for practice in isolation, syllables, words, sentences, and oral story reading.

Included in this digital download workbook:

  • Why is the S Sound Challenging
  • Speech Sound Self Report
  • Speech Anatomy: Learning About the Parts of the Mouth
  • I Can Say the S Sound Poster
  • Visuals for the S Sound
  • How to Produce the S Sound
  • Common /s/ Errors - Frontal vs. Lateral Lisp
  • Pull Back Method - Eliciting an /s/ Sound from a /th/ Sound
  • Tools for Teaching the S Sound
  • Understanding Airflow
  • Jaw Stability
  • Stretchy T - Eliciting an /s/ Sound from a /t/ Sound
  • Stretchy T Practice
  • Facilitating Contexts
  • Silly Phrases with Facilitating Contexts
  • S Practice - Drill Sheets for Practice in Isolation
  • Minimal Pairs Cards
  • S in Syllables
  • Say and Dot S Practice
  • Spin It, Say It, Color It - Word Level
  • Carrier Phrase Fun
  • Tally Sheet with Word Lists: Practice and Data Collection
  • Articulation Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Word to Picture Matching
  • S Clues Cut and Paste
  • Silly Sentences: Read and Illustrate
  • Story Time: Read and Illustrate S Stories
  • Writing Page
  • Resource List

Total of 84 pages.

Customer Reviews

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Life Changing..!

I have been using the Peachie Speechie material with my 10 year old daughter who has a lateral lisp. She has been working on it daily with me for two and a half weeks and last night we had a breakthrough. It was so exciting when things suddenly started to click. She could understand for the first time how to properly form the s sound and she has been chattering away, bright eyed and full of pride ever since. It has made her feel invincible - she has been to several speech therapy sessions over the past few years and it had left her feeling a little despondent and not wanting to do anything further about it. So, being able to use this program at home and being able to tweak it specifically for her has been... life changing. We certainly didn't expect such quick progress - I had told her that we would do a little each day and would probably see some difference in 2 - 3 months! THANK YOU!!! We are all so excited for the future :)


Exactly what my 6 year old homeschooled daughter needed. Thorough and methodical...noticable improvement with peachy practice every day. Thank you!!

Awesome Resource

Such a great resource! Material is set up in such a clear, concise, logical way. Kids love it. I love it. Most importantly, the strategies work!! Excellent investment.

S B.
Great resource

This site never fails! My kids love all the fun activities this book provides! Keep ‘em coming!

My new favorite resource for /s/

My students working on /s/ love these materials and the corresponding video (for home practice).

Taylor G.

I Can Say the S Sound: Articulation Workbook