I Can Say the CH and J Sounds: Articulation Workbook

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Designed to help with the CH and J sounds, this workbook is a MUST HAVE for every speech-language pathologist! I Can Say the CH and J Sounds uses professional illustrations and engaging activities to assist in teaching children how to produce these sounds accurately.

Included in this digital download workbook:
  • Step-by-step visuals for tongue/mouth placement
  • Elicitation techniques with visuals
  • Practice pages for isolation
  • Syllable level practice
  • 2-word phrase practice & practice with a carrier phrase
  • Sentence level practice
  • Stories/oral reading practice

Total of 133 pages.

Customer Reviews

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Great Workbook

I used these materials with kids struggling with production of the CH sound and this is exactly what they needed! Clear, concise, and fun.

Meagan S.
Ch an J worksheet

I'd been working with my daughter for months trying to help her get the ch and j sounds. After a couple werks in your workbook she can do pronounce them alone and as parts of words. I'm so glad I found you! Thank you so much.

Allison G.
Another Great Resource

Another great resource by Peachie Speechie. It provides so many trials in my different positions of words so there’s lot of different activities for the kids. And the visuals are especially helpful for my kids that need to be able to see then do! Thank you, Peachie Speechie!

Terrific for my students struggling with /ch/

Terrific product - well worth the price.