I Can Say S-Blends: Speech Therapy Workbook

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This giant collection of materials is perfect for working with students who exhibit consonant cluster reduction. Teach production of s-blends with this step-by-step workbook that includes a variety of visuals and activities for use in speech therapy sessions.

Activities for practice in isolation, words, phrases, sentences, and stories (oral reading/retelling)!

Included in this digital download workbook:

  • What are S-Blends?
  • Auditory Discrimination with Minimal Pairs
  • Blend Friends Story
  • Practice in Isolation
  • Word Level Practice: Segmenting with Visuals
  • Blend Friends Word Level Practice
  • Cut and Paste Minimal Pairs
  • Roll and Race Smoothies
  • Say and Dot Word Level Worksheets
  • S-Blends Smoothie Crafts
  • Paperclip Spinner Sheets for Word Level Practice
  • Tic-Tac-Toe Articulation Practice
  • Cut and Paste Clues Pages
  • S-Blends in 2-Word Phrases
  • Carrier Phrase Practice Pages
  • Sentence Level Practice
  • Read and Illustrate Sentences
  • Story Level Practice

Total of 133 pages.

We're dedicated to supporting effective therapy sessions and achieving meaningful progress for every individual.

Customer Reviews

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Solid resource

Good solid resource and easy to use!

S-Blends workbook

This workbook is JUST what I needed! I had many students working on "s-blends" and I needed a systematic way to teach and practice the sounds with them. Thank you Peachie Speechie for creating this product!

Fantastic resource

This is great!

Artic F.

I Can Say S-Blends: Speech Therapy Workbook

Amber C.
so great!

I absolutely love this resource for working with s-blends. Now I just need to get funds to purchase the entire collection for our school :)

Ann F.
I love the "I Can Say..." series!

I love the "I Can Say..." series and this is another great one! It helps so much in planning articulation sessions and making sure students have materials for home practice.