I Can Have Conversations: No-Prep Social Language Workbook

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I Can Have Conversations! No-prep, print-and-go workbook for social language skills! You will love it!

This workbook is designed to teach students about conversation skills including:
  • Turn-Taking
  • Topic Maintenance
  • Body Language
  • Careful Listening
  • Transitions, Greetings, and Farewells
There is a heavy focus on topic maintenance, with many pages to target this particular skill. This product has a variety of teaching handout pages that help the teacher/SLP teach the concept to the student. These pages are also great for sending home to parents! Check out the detailed list of what is included below!

This digital download workbook includes:
  • What is a Conversation?
  • Greetings
  • Conversation Topics Teaching Handouts
  • Are they on-topic? Activity Sheets
  • What is the topic? Cut and Paste
  • Responding on-topic: Cut and Paste
  • Responding on-topic: Write the Answer
  • Am I on-topic? Data Sheets
  • Conversation Cards
  • Topic Maintenance: Quick Check Quiz
  • Taking Turns Teaching Handouts
  • Interrupting Teaching Handout
  • Conversational Turn-Taking/Conversation Mats
  • Turn-Taking Quick Check Quiz
  • Body Language Cut and Paste
  • Careful Listening
  • Listening Quick Check Quiz
  • Topic Transitions Teaching Handouts
  • Ending a Conversation
  • Conversation Comics (fill in the speech bubbles)

Total of 67 pages.

There are some pages that contain a large amount of text. These pages are designed for the teacher/SLP to read to the students. Or, students in upper elementary school could read them independently. I use this product with kindergarten through 4th-grade students, reading/prompting as necessary for different student needs.

Customer Reviews

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Lisa R.
I Can Have Conversations

This is a great resource! I immediately printed and copied it for several elementary age students who are working on social language skills. They are enjoying it, and the format makes it so easy to teach and practice each element. Thank you for a great resource!

Torry E.

Love how there are so many illustrated examples