I Can Answer WH Questions: No-Prep Workbook

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If you have students working on answering WH questions, this is the product for you! Over 70 pages of professionally designed materials to help your students answer WH questions! This workbook covers WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY questions!

This no-prep workbook increases in difficulty level as it goes along. It introduces the concept of WH questions and teaches the difference between each question type (who questions vs. where questions, for example) and then progresses to more and more difficult tasks. It offers the support of visuals and multiple choice answers for students who need it. There are also more difficult passages included that don't have multiple choice answers that vary in length and complexity.

It features a visual "slider" that students can use with any of the activities in this workbook. The slider can also be used as a bookmark and is a quick way to remind students about the different WH questions.

In addition to teaching posters, this workbook also includes mini-posters intended to be stapled into a book for students. This is an excellent craft that can be sent home for review with parents.

You and your students are sure to love this workbook!

This digital download workbook includes:

  • Teaching WH-Question Posters 
  • WH-Question Mini-book
  • WH-Question Slider
  • WH-Question Matching 
  • Cut and Paste WH-Question Crafts
  • Color-Coded WH-Question Practice
  • Practice Paragraphs with Multiple Choice Answers
  • Practice Paragraphs For Independent Answering (not multiple-choice) 
  • Longer Passages for WH-Question Practice
  • Writing Page

Total of 76 pages.

The WH Question Slider and product cover are included in black and white and in color!

I use this workbook with students in kindergarten through 3rd grade in a small group, pull out speech therapy sessions. It would also be great for use in the general ed or special ed classrooms with students of varying skill levels!

Customer Reviews

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Karena H.
Very comprehensive!

Very comprehensive! Love the visuals used and that it's leveled!

Debra S.
Invaluable resource

Invaluable resource....seems like I have these goals every year with at least half my kids!

Rachel W.

I love the way this resource is laid out so that it gives my students more success in answering questions.

Jaclynn J.

Numerous learning opportunities and opportunities for independent trials!!!!

Roxana C.
Super easy

Super easy to use and great for tracking student progress towards meeting IEP goals.

Amanda D.
very helpful

very helpful being able to break up and simplify things for my students who struggle with this skill