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Highlighter Speech and Language

No-prep speech therapy! All you need is a highlighter and you’re ready for a great session!

Highlighter Articulation pages are included for:

  • CVC words
  • CVCV words
  • H initial
  • P initial
  • B initial
  • M initial, medial, final
  • T initial, final
  • D initial
  • N initial, final
  • K initial, medial, final
  • G initial, medial, final
  • ING final
  • F initial, medial, final
  • V initial medial, final
  • L initial, medial, final
  • L-blends
  • R initial, final
  • Vocalic AR, AIR, ER, OR, IRE, EAR
  • S initial, medial, final
  • S-blends
  • TS final
  • CH initial, medial, final
  • SH initial, medial, final
  • TH initial, final
  • J initial, medial, final
  • BLANK page to write your own words!
Highlighter Language pages are included for:
  • Regular verbs
  • Irregular verbs
  • Categories (name items in a given category)
  • Idioms (state the meaning of an idiom)
  • Multiple meaning words
  • WH-questions (10 per page) WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY

Total of 71 pages.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Great (no-prep) resource!

Andrew A.

My students have really enjoyed using these in sessions and for homework. We've gotten creative with the different things we can use to fill them in, (highlighter, paint crayons etc)

Vickie J.
Highlights of Highlighter Speech

Everyone loves this activity, especially when I let them use an actual Highlighter (usually off limits because they want to color with them). Great to target in sessions and then send home for carry over

Jennifer K.
Highlighter Speech and Language

This is another quick and useful product from Peachie Speechie. I use it for homework or a quick activity if I have just a few minutes left in a session. It is also good for pre-test/ post test date collection and activities for increasing awareness of errors.

S B.
Easy and quick!

Such a useful resource with no materials necessary other than a highlighter. We can squeeze in so many trials!

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