Articulation Valentines for Speech Therapy

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Do you LOVE speech therapy? This fun no-prep valentine craft will engage your students during articulation therapy sessions! Each articulation valentine contains 15 target words with icons. Instruct your students to decorate their valentines as they practice each word 10 times. At the end of the session, they will have practiced their target sound 150 times and have an adorable valentine to take home for additional practice!

Perfect for Valentine’s Day/ early February speech therapy sessions!
Sounds Included:
  • CVC words
  • B Initial
  • M Initial
  • P Initial
  • D Initial
  • T Initial
  • T Final
  • K Initial
  • K Medial
  • K Final
  • G Initial
  • G Medial
  • G Final
  • F Initial
  • L Initial
  • L Medial
  • L Final
  • L Blends
  • R Initial
  • R Medial
  • R Final
  • R Blends
  • S Initial
  • S Medial
  • S Final
  • S blends (2 pages)
  • CH Initial
  • CH Medial
  • SH Initial
  • SH Medial
  • SH Final
  • TH Initial
  • And a BLANK page as well!
>>> The dashed lines are subtle, designed to look fine if you choose to keep it as a whole page and not use it as a craft.

How to make your valentine crafts:
  1. Instruct the student to practice target sounds as they decorate the valentines. Use dot markers, crayons, or markers!
  2. Cut out the heart along the dashed line at the outer edge.
  3. Optional craft step - use the template page to cut a heart out of red (or any color) construction paper and glue your valentine on the construction paper heart!
  4. Send valentines home for additional practice!
Total of 36 pages.

Customer Reviews

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Love Valentines

I love the Valentine shape and all the words and pictures on them. I will certainly use these with my groups in the next few weeks!❤️

Martha V.
Thank you!

Cannot wait to use these with my groups!! I love the that you can keep the worksheet or use it as a craft. Thank you for the resource!!!!

Kimberly H.
Super quick Valentine's theme project

Thanks for making a super quick Valentine's theme project. It can be print-and-go on pink paper, or cut out and dressed up with a doily. Images are great. 15 targets per page x10 trials each makes for perfect practice (and I don't have to think about it!!).