Articulation Roll and Race Dice Game for Speech Therapy

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All you need is dice and a marker! No-prep articulation fun! This engaging speech therapy dice game will motivate your students and challenge them to say their sound multiple times. Kids love this game!

How to play:

  1. Give each student an Articulation Roll and Race sheet.
  2. Students take turns rolling the dice. Whatever they land on, they need to select a picture in that column, practice saying the word, and then color in the picture. For example, if they roll a three, they will say the next word in the threes column and color it.
  3. The first person to make it to the end of a column wins!

Sound Targets Included:

  • CV (2 pages)
  • VC (1 page)
  • CVC ( 2 pages)
  • CVCV (1 page)
  • CVCVCV (1 page)
  • 3-syllable words (1 page)
  • 4-syllable words (1 page)
  • P (initial)
  • B (initial)
  • M (initial)
  • D (final)
  • T (final)
  • F (initial)
  • K (initial, medial, final)
  • G (initial, medial, final)
  • L (initial, medial, final)
  • R (initial, medial, final)
  • Vocalic R (air, ear, or, er, ar, ire)
  • S (initial, medial, final)
  • S BLENDS (12 pages, broken down by cluster: sp, st, sm, sn, sw, sl, sk)
  • CH (initial)
  • SH (initial)
  • TH (initial)

Total of 75 pages.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kevin P.
Rolling in Speech

Clients loved this activity.

Carrie A.

Thanks for all the resources and strategies - my students and I find them engaging and helpful :)

Rhea K.
Articulation Roll and Race Dice Game

This is a great resource to engage students and keep articulation drill fun!

Alysia B.
Articulation Roll and Race

My older students love this. They love the competition of trying to finish a row before the other one and they get lots of practice with their direct sounds.

Pam P.

This is an excellent product, I enjoy playing with my sped students.

What A Treat!

Wow! This has really made such a difference in my therapy! It is such a fun and versatile activity! Wow!!