100 Trials Sports Challenges by Peachie Speechie

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Peachie Speechie has been providing 100 repetition challenges since 2013! This collection of spring challenges includes a variety of designs to keep your students engaged.

I developed this activity for use in my speech room with my articulation groups to motivate my students to get 100 repetitions of their speech sounds. You can easily adapt this activity to focus on math facts, sight words, or pretty much anything! Just print and go!

4 Challenges included!

  • Baseball Challenge
  • Football Challenge
  • Basketball Challenge
  • Soccer Challenge

Here is how it works:

  1. I challenge my students to say their target speech sound 100 TIMES in one session.
  2. I give each student a copy of a challenge sheet.
  3. I give each student crayons, markers, or mini erasers.
  4. Each time a student says an accurate production of their speech sound, they get to color in an item on their challenge sheet.
  5. Their goal is to have 100 accurate productions!

At the end of the session, hang these festive sheets in your room as decorations! Tag us on Instagram @thePeachieSpeechie so we can re-gram your photo!!

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100 Trials Sports Challenges by Peachie Speechie

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100 Trials Sports Challenges by Peachie Speechie