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Speech Sound Coloring Pages: Articulation Coloring Book

Just print and go! Your students will love coloring and decorating these pages while they practice their articulation skills. 

Each page has a variety of pictures and is perfect for speech therapy groups because coloring will keep little hands busy as they wait for their turn to practice. Color and practice them during sessions and then send them home for additional practice!

Fun data collection tip: Use the circles around the border of the page to take data! Have students mark the dots red for incorrect productions, yellow for approximations, and green for accurate productions!

A coloring page for each of the following sounds in included:

  • CVC words (2 pages)
  • CVCV words (1 page)
  • B (initial)
  • P (initial)
  • M (initial)
  • T (initial)
  • D (initial)
  • F (initial, medial)
  • K (initial, medial, final)
  • G (initial, medial, final)
  • L blends (initial)
  • L (initial, medial, final)
  • R blends (initial)
  • R (initial, medial, final)
  • VOCALIC R (separate pages for AIR, IRE, EAR, OR, ER, and AR)
  • S blends (initial)
  • S (initial, medial, final)
  • SH (initial)
  • CH (initial, medial, final)
  • TH (initial)
  • 3-syllable words
  • 4-syllable words

Total of 44 pages.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ruthy M.

Kids love to color and practice their sounds. It's a win-win!

Michele L.

Speech Sound Coloring Pages: Articulation Coloring Book

Katia R.

Speech Sound Coloring Pages: Articulation Coloring Book

Haylee A.

I LOVED these articulation coloring sheets. It is a great activity for in session and/or a fun homework handout.

Katie N.

Speech Sound Coloring Pages: Articulation Coloring Book

Nicole C.

This articulation coloring book is such a great resource to have in your bag!! No prep, ready to go, artic. therapy! Also great to send home as carryover!