R Sound Chaining for Speech Therapy

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Effective, engaging therapy materials for teaching the R sound! R Sound Chaining for Speech therapy is a perfect addition to your SLP toolkit.

What is chaining?

This motor-based approach to teaching /r/ builds on pre-trained sounds, gradually increasing the complexity of speech movements. Speech motor chaining takes the principles of motor learning into consideration and has resulted in successful acquisition of target speech patterns and generalization to untrained words (Preston, Leece & Storto, 2019).

What is included in this product?

This workbook contains over 300 speech chains for the R sound, plus visuals and instructional material for bunched and retroflex R, data collection sheet, and self-rating cards.

Each chain goes from syllable → monosyllabic word → multisyllabic word → phrase → sentence.

It is recommended that you also have your students produce self-generated sentences using the phrases to help with carryover into connected speech.

An example of a chain would be: Ray → Raise → Raisin → Raisin Cookies → My mom is baking raisin cookies.

This workbook has targets for: 

  • Prevocalic /r/
  • Vocalic R (er, ar, ear, ire, or, air)
  • R-blends (tr, dr, and shr) 

This workbook focuses on speech motor chaining for the R Sound, and I know you’ll love it. 

Want even MORE? 

You will also want to get Peachie Speechie’s comprehensive workbook for the R Sound titled I Can Say the R Sound and my book Coarticulation for the R Sound, which focuses on the coarticulation strategy. 

If you have any questions about these materials, please reach out to me at meredith@peachiespeechie.com 

Customer Reviews

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Ellis H.
Chaining Materials

These worksheets for chaining were helpful and the data sheet makes it easy to track progress at each level of the chain and identify where breakdowns are occurring. Great product.

Kathy T.
Homework for Artic

I was amazed how quickly I got over 100 productions in a 15 minute session, with the R Sound Chaining for Speech Therapy!

Donna R.

R Sound Chaining for Speech Therapy

Hannah B.
Effective for /r/

My student had been working on just “AR” in isolation and these chaining sheets have been so effective at not only saying longer phrases but also moving to other contexts such as AIR and OR.

Jackson H.

My son is making progress with chaining. His SLP has been doing this with him and we do it at home to help increase his progress.

Amanda G.
Where has this been all my life?

If you need to get kids from the syllable level to the sentence level FAST, buy this immediately. There are initial and final R words and it's well organized. I wish I had it sooner!