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Jurassic Speech™ Dinosaur Articulation Worksheets

Dinosaur speech therapy sheets! Your students can use the Jurassic Speech Dinosaur Articulation Worksheet in many different ways!

Use it as a smash mat by rolling balls of Play-Dough onto the mat and smashing it with a plastic dinosaur to make dino footprints!

If you don't have play-dough or a plastic dinosaur nearby, you can use crayons to color the images while you practice. 

I have my students say each word 10 times before smashing or coloring the icon in the dinosaur footprint. This means they end up getting 100 trials for the session!


  • VC words
  • CV words
  • CVC words
  • CVCVC words
  • CVCVCV words
  • 3-syllable words
  • 4-syllable words
  • P - initial, medial, final
  • B - initial
  • M - initial
  • T - initial
  • D - initial
  • K - initial, medial, final
  • G - initial, medial, final
  • F - initial, medial, final
  • V - initial
  • L - initial, medial, final
  • R - initial, medial, final
  • AR words
  • AIR words
  • EAR words
  • ER words
  • OR words
  • S - initial, medial, final
  • CH - initial, medial, final
  • SH - initial
  • TH - initial
  • J - initial
  • BLANK PAGE also included so you can write your own words!

If you're interested in dinosaurs, your students will also love my Drill and Data Dinosaur Speech!

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