I Can Say Final Consonants: Speech Therapy Workbook

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If you work with students who exhibit the phonological process of final consonant deletion, this workbook is for you! Geared toward preschool through first grade, this workbook addresses final consonant deletion by using visuals paired with motor movements, minimal pairs ("bee" vs. "bean" for example), and repetitive practice of target words.

These activities provide a motivating and engaging way to work on the production of final consonants! The workbook takes you from auditory discrimination to VC (vowel-consonant) word drills, CVC words, 2 and 3-word phrases, sentences, and simple short stories (for early readers).

Included in this digital download workbook:

  • Visuals for Final Consonant Deletion
  • What do you hear? Auditory discrimination
  • Dot the Ending Sound in VC words
  • CVC Minimal Pairs Cut and Paste
  • Minimal Pairs Card Deck
  • Dot the Sounds: CVC Words Segmenting and Blending
  • Final Consonants in 2-word phrases
  • Final Consonants in 3-word phrases
  • Say It, Draw It: Final Consonants in Sentences for kids to illustrate
  • Say It, Color It, Repeat: Final Consonants in Sentences
  • Final Consonants in Short Stories

Total of 70 pages.

While dot markers are not necessary for enjoyment and use of this workbook, I highly recommend them as they will make these activities even more fun! Crayons, glue, and scissors are also recommended for craft pages.

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I Can Say Final Consonants

I love this book! My little students love the pop-it activity and it makes getting lots of trials easy for me and fun for them!

Pam S.

I Can Say Final Consonants: Speech Therapy Workbook

Jill B.
I Can Say Final Consonants

I LOVE this workbook! The pages are visibly appealing & not overwhelming for my students and the explanations of anatomy & how to elicit final sounds are fantastic!

Ki R.
Stellar tool

Simple fun! My kiddos love it.

Gabriela L.
Has it All!

This recourse is awesome because it includes minimal pairs, final consonants obviously, and is packed with so many activities you cannot run out!

April N.

I Can Say Final Consonants: Speech Therapy Workbook