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Spring Fluency Therapy Activities (Stuttering Therapy)

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This is a collection of engaging SPRING THEMED activities for fluency therapy! Low-prep, and lots of fun!

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Fluency Therapy Activities BUNDLE!

These activities are included:

  • Cover Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Spring Speech Anatomy Illustrations
  • Bumpy or Smooth? Word Level
  • Bumpy or Smooth? Sentence Level
  • Make it Bumpy! Make it Smooth! Pseudostuttering
  • What Helps Me Have Smooth Speech? Fluency Shaping Strategy Cards
  • Spring Speech Slider (for rating speech fluency)
  • Word Level Practice Pages
  • Spring Carrier Phrase Practice
  • Smooth Phrase Practice
  • Smooth Sentence Practice
  • Read, Cut, and Paste Activity
  • Growing Smooth Speech Craft
  • Smooth Speech Practice - conversational
  • Spring Reading Practice
  • Smooth Scenes - Draw and Describe

Total of 27 pages. All in black and white. Color versions of the anatomy poster and sliders are included as well.

Note: This product addresses speech fluency (stuttering) not reading fluency.

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