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Coarticulation for the R Sound

Get ready for success with the R Sound! The coarticulation strategy has been used for ages to elicit a clear vocalic R sound. This set of worksheets targets final vocalic R (AR, ER, EAR, AIR, IRE, and OR) paired with initial prevocalic R, and you’re going to love it! 

What is coarticulation? 

Coarticulation is the idea that the sounds you produce are impacted by the other sounds around them. The phonetic context of a sound can facilitate correct production of the sound (Bernthal, Bankson & Flipsen, 2009) and this is useful when working on the R sound. 

Who should use these worksheets? 

If a student is able to say initial prevocalic R but struggles with final vocalic R words (car, her, fire, etc.) these worksheets are for you! Similarly, if your student can say final vocalic R words, but has difficulty with initial R words, these worksheets would also be a great fit. 

What is included in this set of worksheets? 

Worksheets are organized by separate vocalic R context (AR, ER, EAR, AIRE, IRE and OR). For each R context you will have: 
    • Syllable level practice sheets 
    • Word level practice sheets, pairing two words together (4 pages with picture support, 9 pages without pictures for each vocalic R context) 
    • Fill in your own words/drawings template 
    • Coarticulation web graphic for each context
    • Sentence level practice sheet for each context 
    • Directions sheet and paper car to cut out and use if desired 

    Total of 137 pages

    Please note that most of this packet uses a single selected word (car, her, fire, door, hear, and bear) followed by assorted initial R words to practice. The initial R words are consistent across all vocalic R contexts for ease of use in a group and consistency in data collection. I have taught the R sound this way using coarticulation for over a decade and have had much success with it. 

    For added fun and engagement, I recommend using a small toy car to glide across the worksheets as students practice. This product is a digital download (pdf worksheets) so a toy car is not included but a paper car you can cut out and use is included. 

    If you are interested in a comprehensive, step-by-step workbook for teaching the R sound, you will also love my book titled I Can Say the R Sound! It pairs well with this coarticulation packet. 

    If you have any questions, please email me prior to purchasing

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    R tx Must Have!!

    This resource made the biggest difference with my students! Highly recommend!

    Teresa G.W.
    Thanks for email and download information!

    Great book!


    I can not say enough about this program! Coarticulation for the R sound has been a game changer for my /r/ students. I have a good handful of /r/ students at my jr. high school. They were all struggling with tongue placement and sound production. Once I started using this program, that all changed. They are having so much success and I am so proud of them! Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating, and continuing to create, such an amazing product!!

    Hannah B.
    Love Coarticulation

    I love that there is a whole book for this strategy! I love coarticulation. I bought this book and also R Sound Chaining. Both have been effective and my /r/ students are making progress.

    Lori S.
    Another great tool helping kids master the /r/

    Can’t say enough about how Peachie Speechie products are helping motivate me and my students to tackle /r/. We were all getting tired of the same old flash cards and worksheets but now with new products and strategies like this coarticulation workbook my students are making great progress and a few even asking for copies to take home. They WANT homework from Peachie Speechie! I highly recommend this and any of these products!

    Sherri S.
    Great resource!

    I have so many secondary/r/ students this year. This resource is great to teach co-articulation to shape the vocalic /r/.