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Peachie Speechie's Tongue Dough Recipe

Making tongues out of dough is a great hands-on activity for teaching tongue shape and movement during speech therapy sessions. This recipe makes smooth red tongue-dough that smells delightful and is easy to shape. With enough kneading, it develops a fantastic texture with realistic grooves like a tongue! 

I most often use tongue-dough during sessions for the R sound. We make bunched and retroflex tongues and put them in a mouth model. 

For a comprehensive step-by-step program for the R Sound, you’ll want our workbook titled I Can Say the R Sound!

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Customer Reviews

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Michelle S.

Your videos for different r approaches, along with the playdough idea for my model, made all the difference for the little person I am seeing for therapy! Thank you!!

Juan M.

Peachie Speechie's Tongue Dough Recipe

Sherrie P.

Peachie Speechie's Tongue Dough Recipe

Colleen S.
Kids are loving it

My students are having a fantastic time with the tongue dough. I should have done this sooner in the year. They will take it home for the summer along with the paper version of the mouth. Great way to end the school year.

Wendy H.
Tongue Dough

We had a blast this week with using the tongue dough to demonstrate correct tongue positioning on our sounds! I made a double recipe which made enough for my articulation students. Each were able to take home their tongue. They loved the smell as well!