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I Can Say the R Sound Paperback Workbook

This systematic, step-by-step approach to R therapy is all you need for teaching the most menacing of sounds! This listing is for the physical paperback workbook, which will be shipped to you. We also have a downloadable version available here.

This workbook is a MUST-HAVE for every speech-language pathologist! Professional illustrations teach students the anatomy of the mouth and detailed step-by-step visuals guide the clinician and student through a variety of techniques to elicit accurate productions. Engaging activities are included for practice in isolation, syllables, words, phrases, sentences, oral reading, and carryover to connected speech.

Teaching R can be difficult, but this workbook makes it easier. This comprehensive book of articulation printables contains a variety of proven methods. These carefully designed worksheets can be used while you provide evidence-based therapy to your students. Research supports many of the methods included such as minimal pairs, mass practice, and using visual cues.

Included in this printed workbook:

  • Clear anatomy visuals and step-by-step illustrated instructions for the production of retroflexed & bunched R
  • Elicitation techniques including tactile cues, shaping R from other sounds, using tools such as tongue depressors, dental flossers, and lollipops to elicit the R sound. Jaw stabilization tips, directions for using popular words (Karla, Eureka, etc.), and how to use hand cues.
  • Playdough sheets for teaching the R sound
  • Visuals for reducing lip rounding
  • Minimal Pair Cards and activities (w vs. r)
  • Auditory discrimination sheets
  • Coarticulation for eliciting vocalic R
  • Dot marker drill pages
  • High-frequency word drills
  • Nonsense word sheet (make up R words)
  • Fun and engaging drill games including a race car dice game, sand timer timed drill, paperclip spinner pages, and tic-tac-toe
  • Sound-By-Sound™ visuals for producing R at the word level
  • Worksheets for practicing the R sound in isolation, syllables, words, 2-word phrases, carrier phrases, sentences, oral reading, and carryover to connected speech.

Paperback: 349 pages

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Addie J.
R book

I am confident that I can successfully treat the R sound thanks to this book!

Leah C.

The ONLY thing I use for R therapy!! I have had so many students get their R Sound with this book. It makes me look good as an SLP because so many kids are improving!!

Dorris B.

The most helpful book I've ever seen for the R sound

BEST Resource for R

I have the pdf ebook version of this and also just bought the paperback because it is the best resource for R and I have had so much success with it. Thank you!

Alyse Z.
R workbook

Ths book makes speech therapy so much easier! My student was saying the R sound in isolation after ONE session with this book. He is working at the sentence level already now.