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Hiding Turtle Sound - Reframe The R Sound

The R sound can be challenging and cause frustration. One way to approach the sound is by calling it something else completely. Don’t say R! This approach reframes the activity. Instead of that dreaded R, they can work on the “hiding turtle sound” during which they’ll pull their tongue back just like a turtle pulls it’s head into the shell. Then, they’ll make their tongue strong like a ninja turtle and say the turtle sound. Spoiler alert: The turtle sound is the R sound! But when you approach it as a fresh new sound, it can reduce existing frustration and help them produce it correctly. 

Enjoy this worksheet and alsobe sure to watch the accompanying video about this technique

Let me know if you have any questions!

For a comprehensive step-by-step program for the R Sound, you’ll want our workbook titled I Can Say the R Sound!

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Customer Reviews

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Candida K.
Great source!

Thank you!

Kelly B.
New Technique

I am using the Hiding Turtle as my new start to teaching /r/ and using it as a reminder of the /r/ sound production. It is a great visual for all of my students!